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 Prices at Ants Inya Pants Play Centre!


- Only £3.50 entrance all day during the week (term-time).

- Only £4.50 entrance on the weekend.

- Only £4.50 entrance during school holidays.

- After school meal deal is only £4.95 for entrance and a hot meal.

- Weekday parties only £6.00 per head.

- Weekend and Holiday parties only £9.00 per head.

- FREE entrance pass for the birthday boy/girl to come back and play.

- Only £1.50 entrance for childminders and foster carers all-year round.

- We also offer buy-one-get-one-free on entrance for twins.

- Also, we never charge for grown-ups and there is a never a time-limit on your stay!


Ants Inya Pants Food Menu!


2 slices toast with butter/jam/marmarlade £0.70
Fruit (per piece) £0.50

Sandwiches and Toasties

Cheese £2.40
Cheese Toastie £2.40
Cheese and Pickle £2.40
Cheese and Tomato £2.40
Ham Salad £3.50
Tuna Mayonnaise £2.40
Egg Mayonnaise £2.40

         Sandwiches are available on white or brown bread.

Jacket Potatoes

Tuna Mayonnaise £2.70
Egg Mayonnaise £2.70
Beans £2.70
Cheese and Beans £3.00


Meal Adult Child
Sausage and Chips £3.50 £2.95
Chicken Nuggets and Chips £3.50 £2.95
Bowl of Chips £1.80   
Beans on Toast
(add cheese 30p)
£2.20 £2.20

            Add beans or peas to any of the meals for 30p

Cheese & Tomato Pizza £2.50  
Children's Lunch Plate £1.95  
Soup of the Day  £2.60   
Chips and Curry Sauce £2.30  


Black/White Coffee £1.50
Latte £1.80
Cappuccino £1.80
Tea £1.25
Hot Chocolate* £1.80

         add whipped cream and marshmallows as a treat for just 50p.

  Jug Glass
Squash (orange/blackcurrent) £2.00 £0.30
Orange Juice £0.75
Milkshake £0.90
  Small Large
Slush Ice Drink £1.10 £1.60

            A selection of cold drinks are also available from the fridge.




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